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CHSC GES is the newest addition to the CHSC network. GES opened in 2017 and moved into their permanent home in the Globeville, Elyria, Swansea area in 2019. 

GES is proud to announce an increase in SPF growth to YELLOW status on the State SPF. 

Students: 160

Principal: David Brown

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01/07/2021 Letter from the Principal

As the Principal of Colorado High School Charter GES, I would like to make it known of who we are, what we stand for and what you can expect from us as a student, parent and staff member:


Each day, we are building a foundation that is centered on equity, inclusion, and creating a sense of belonging for all through positive change.  We are working daily to ground ourselves in these beliefs. We are working tirelessly, knowing every day is a new day, and ensuring space for all of our students and staff to work to their full  potential while being supported, academically and socially.  Although we can not directly control what occurs outside of our school community, we can and will be what we expect from our city, state and country. Demonstrating respect towards each other, even when we disagree. Working to find common ground amongst one another regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, identity or any of aspects of our lives that make us different but one human race.  As the leader of this school, I pledge to do all I can to make sure our school is a safe learning environment for each student to learn, and work towards a bright future. I want all of our students to continue to be and become great family members as well as valued members of our society.  There will be days that we do not meet our goals but we will always give our best to get better and respect our surroundings moving forward.  We are a loving community that works towards understanding and supporting all that enroll and work within our school community!


Please feel free to reach out to me or any GES staff member with any questions or comments that you may have moving forward.  




David A. Brown


Colorado High School Charter 

(He, Him, His)

01/07/2021 COVID Update

Free Student COVID Testing with CCC Partnership

DPS is pleased to announce it is expanding its partnership with COVIDCheck Colorado to offer free COVID-19 testing for students to support a safe return to school. All students and staff will now be able to take a baseline COVID-19 test before coming back to school, and then DPS will be able to offer an ongoing COVID-19 student screening test every other week. As shared with charters through an earlier email from Portfolio, this information will be shared with families through this PSA video, via School Messenger. Thanks to the CDPHE partnership, testing for charter students will be free, and charters will not have to pay for staff testing through March (charges will resume after March). 

Baseline testing can be completed at any of COVIDCheck Colorado’s testing sites via this link (students and staff must use their DPS ID). DPS encourages everyone, unless you have tested positive in the last 90 days, to take a baseline test in the new year. The tests are free, fast, and reliable. See an updated list of testing sites here including at the Montbello campus, Abraham Lincoln Campus, North HS Campus, All City Stadium and a new site at George Washington HS. The test will be completed via nasal PCR test or SalivaDirect™, and results will be returned within 36-72 hours.

At any time, your families and students can schedule a test at existing CCC sites. Any charter student or employee should use the district link, while family members can continue to use the community link.

12/4/2020 Update

Good morning,  

I hope this note finds you and your family well during these challenging times.  We thank you for your support and tenacity in helping our students learn in these extraordinary circumstances.  

One of the challenges that we have heard from many of you and our staff is that the uncertainty around how school will look creates added stress.  We want to do everything we can to mitigate additional stress and give our educators, students and families as much time to plan as possible.  So, after looking at the ever-increasing cases in the Denver area we have decided to stay remote through Quarter 3, January 5-March 26.  We will decide about Quarter 4, April 5-May 28, in early to mid-March based on cases and guidance from DPS and the Health Departments.

All our educators are working incredibly hard to provide the most engaging and best online experience for our students.  If your student is having trouble connecting to this material please reach out to their Advocate who can help with technology, hot spots and other resources.   

We recognize these times have brought new challenges and if you and your family need help with food please let your student’s Advocate know. 

Thank you for your support  


Colorado High School Charter Leadership Team


Buenos Dias,  

Esperamos que esta nota los encuentre bien a usted y a su familia durante estos tiempos difíciles. Le agradecemos su apoyo y tenacidad para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a aprender en estas circunstancias extraordinarias.

Uno de los desafíos que hemos escuchado de muchos de ustedes y de nuestro personal es que la incertidumbre sobre cómo se verá la escuela crea estrés adicional.Queremos hacer todo lo posible para mitigar el estrés adicional y dar a nuestros educadores, estudiantes y familias el mayor tiempo posible para planificar. Entonces, después de observar los casos cada vez mayores en el área de Denver, hemos decidido permanecer alejados hasta el tercer trimestre, del 5 de Enero al 26 de Marzo. Decidiremos sobre el cuarto trimestre, del 5 de Abril al 28 de Mayo, de principios a mediados de Marzo, según los casos y la orientación del DPS y los departamentos de salud.

Todos nuestros educadores están trabajando arduamente para brindar la mejor y más atractiva experiencia en línea para nuestros estudiantes. Si su estudiante tiene problemas para conectarse a este material, comuníquese con su Representante Estudiantil, quien puede ayudarlo con tecnología, puntos de acceso y otros recursos.

Reconocemos que estos tiempos han traído nuevos desafíos y si usted y su familia necesitan ayuda con la comida, informe al Representante Estudiantil de su estudiante.


Gracias por tu apoyo,

El Liderato de Colorado High School Charter

Message from the GES Inclusivity Committee 11/3/2020

Inclusivity Committee: Election Message to the GES Community


Regardless of the outcome of the election, the GES community will always value and respect each other’s opinions, identities, and backgrounds. 


“Our philosophy is to provide a safe, inclusive learning community with staff, students, and their families that creates the sense of belonging to all.” Not only is this always core to our values, but we see this of the utmost importance to restate with all the GES community now more than ever. The election affects everyone and it is important to support each other during these times. GES will always be inclusive to all students regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, documentation-status, gender, and/or sexual-orientation. 


We always prioritize the well-being and safety of our students physically, mentally, and emotionally. With that being said, over the coming days, if you feel that you would like to reach out to us about your well-being, do not hesitate to use our following resources: 


  • Checking in with your student advocate

  • Talking to your teachers about how you are doing

  • Counseling and therapy




Independientemente del resultado de la elección, la comunidad de GES siempre valorará y respetará las opiniones, identidades, cultura y origen de los demás.


"Nuestra filosofía es proporcionar una comunidad de aprendizaje segura e inclusiva con el personal, los estudiantes y sus familias para crear un sentido de pertenecer a todos." Esto no solo es siempre fundamental para nuestros valores, sino que vemos que esto es de la importancia extrema para reafirmarlo con toda la comunidad de GES ahora más que nunca. La elección afecta a todos y es importante apoyarse mutuamente durante estos tiempos. GES siempre será inclusivo para todos los estudiantes independientemente de su raza, etnicidad, capacidad, estado de documentación, género y/o orientación sexual.


Siempre damos prioridad al bienestar físicamente, mentalmente, y emocionalmente de nuestros estudiantes. Con eso dicho estudiantes, en los próximos días si sientes que le gustaría comunicarte con nosotros acerca de tu bienestar, no dudes en utilizar nuestros siguientes recursos:


  • Consultar con su representante estudiantil

  • Asesoramiento y terapia

  • Hablar con tus profesores sobre cómo te va

Joint Statement from the Board and Executive Director, Clark Callahan

Like many others following the death of George Floyd, CHSC is angered, disturbed and broken hearted. Our country has waited far too long to recognize and eliminate the racism that has plagued our nation since its founding. As an organization, we are committed to the work of eradicating racism, seeking justices and empowering all people. Now, more than ever, we will dedicate our assets, time and energy to this important work and to the continued education of the many diverse communities we serve. 

Greg Mestas, Cyndi Bush-Luna, Michael McArthur, Nneka McPhee, Nick Bucy, Stella Yu, Phyllis Kadison and Clark Callahan. 

Mensaje de parte de el Director Ejecutivo y Junta Directiva. 

Como muchos otros después de la muerte de George Floyd, CHSC está enojado, perturbado y con el corazón roto. Nuestro país ha esperado demasiado tiempo para reconocer y eliminar el racismo que ha afectado a nuestra nación desde su fundación. Como organización, estamos comprometidos con el trabajo de erradicar el racismo, buscar justicia y empoderar a todas las personas. Ahora, más que nunca, dedicaremos nuestros activos, tiempo y energía a este importante trabajo y a la educación continua de las diversas comunidades a las que servimos.


Greg Mestas, Cyndi Bush-Luna, Michael McArthur, Nneka McPhee, Nick Bucy, Stella Yu, Phyllis Kadison and Clark Callahan. 

Colorado High School Charter - GES Campus

3093 E. 42nd Ave.

Denver, CO  80216

Tel: 720-524-8664

Fax: 303-955-0027

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